Hi, πŸ‘‹
I'm Adrian

a Law Student
a Founder
an Advisor
a Speaker
an Innovator
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I've spent a couple of years creating and building projects that make an impact 🎯 focusing on centralisation and speeding up slow industries 🏎️.

I focus on 10x ideas πŸš€. My work helps companies make strategic decisions β™ŸοΈ and changes in their core systems and advise them in centralisation, (legal-)tech, and project management.

I love working on intellectual property questions, corporate law, and FPR (Finance, Projects and Restructuring) cases πŸ“‘.

I am passionate about LawπŸ§‘β€βš–οΈ β€” Legal Tech 🦾, Moot Courts, and Law Clinics are just my thing.

Talks I've given recently
TEDxKlagenfurt - 
 The Ripple Effect
TEDxKlagenfurt - The Ripple Effect
A talk on the fundamental principles of design.
WKO - AI in Regulatory & Application
WKO - AI in Regulatory & Application
Discussing the latest innovations in technology.
Some of our more recent awards
eLegal Hackathon - Voting Winner
eLegal Hackathon - Voting Winner
Awarded for exceptional design and creativity.
ASFINAG Innovation Award 2023
ASFINAG Innovation Award 2023
Recognizing innovative solutions in technology.

Here’s what you can expect from me...

I’ll bring years of experience, big energy and fresh thinking.

Listen, challenge and reconnect the dots β€” joining your team with conviction and openness.

Bridge the gap between creative and strategic objectives β€” speaking both languages.

Recognise 10x potential β€” pushing ideas to become better than you ever thought possible.

Giving you the foundations to scale β€” from world-class design and advisory to building your future team.

Teach teams to move at velocity and have a hell of a lot of fun doing it.